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Student Testimonials


"KTS has great staff: always ready to help and give one-on-one tutoring, a great academic program with
particularly wonderful Math, English and Music program. I had the opportunity to learn a second
instrument, giving me a headstart with a band instrument for high school.
KTS has a solid place in the community: this year we are involved in the Skeleton Park Art Festival, we
played music at Market Square, and we fundraised for different organizations inside and outside the
community ." (Francesca Sivilotti, Grade 8 class of 2015)

“As a graduate of King’s Town School, I am writing to say that King’s Town is a great experience. Our small
school community has allowed us to form friendships with students across all grades and we have been
fortunate to have made valuable connections with our teachers. All the grade 8’s feel very prepared going
into high school this fall and it’s thanks to KTS. Being selected as Head Boy was an honour that has helped
me to develop leadership skills which will help for years to come. Finally, if there is one thing that I have
learned from going to KTS, it is that it is possible to learn and achieve success while having fun! I know the
same can be said for all the kids who will be starting their education here – they have so many great
memories ahead!” (William Smith, Grade 8 class of 2015)

Parent Testimonials


“We are so grateful that our two children had the opportunity to attend King’s Town School for a total of
fifteen years between the two of them. In addition to the excellent academic preparation that they have
received for the next phase of their education there were many other benefits. The KTS visual arts teachers
have provided them with an exposure to varied techniques to express their creativity. The music program
with its unique approach to musical expression throughout the grades has been very exciting to watch. My
kids have learned to play instruments and participate in the school band which has helped not only to
develop their musical talents but also instilled in them a practice ethic and an understanding of their
obligation to prepare in order that the group succeeds. Finally, such a close knit community and the strong
interactions between the grades instilled confidence in them when they were younger and helped them to
be responsive and attentive to the smaller children as they got older, cultivating a caring nature and
responsible attitude in each of them. Thank-you KTS.” (Drs. Susan Chamberlain and Graeme Smith)

“Inside KTS, as a volunteer teacher's assistant, it is always gratifying to see caring attitude developed and
character built among boys and girls there. From youngest to oldest, students care for each other, often assisting

one another in problem solving, out of respect. Additionally, teachers have students lead in developing projects,

from ideas for planning topersistence to complete the necessary work. Self-confidence and capability readily grow

under these conditions. In essence, KTS has sound teaching philosophies for addressing the needs of today's children

and their progress to the next level of formal education.” (R. B. Little, KTS volunteer, Retired Public School Principal)

“Coming from the public school system in Toronto, I have never regretted selecting King's Town School for
our children. KTS is outstanding! An accelerated Math program, French from Montessori on, an Arts and
Music program with specialist teachers, a specialized vocabulary program throughout all grades, exams
from grade 5 on so our children are prepared for secondary school, small class sizes so teachers can truly
teach each student and kids are not ignored or left behind, school programming that reaches into the
community so our children are exposed to music, theater, sports and higher learning, end of day
homeroom/study hall, one on one tutoring if needed, formal speeches from Grade 1 on, Science Fair from
Grade 3 on and the list goes on. And in addition to strong academics you have access to dedicated
teachers daily in person or via email. I value the access I have to my children’s teachers, whether it be via
email, the school portal or chatting with them informally at pick up time. Communication is important at
KTS so that teacher, student and parent are all working together to ensure the child’s success. Weekly
coursework is listed on the portal and work portfolios are sent home bi-monthly so you know what your
child is covering in class and how they are performing. Added to which the atmosphere at KTS is welcoming
and inspiring for our children. We love it and they love it! This is the kind of education I wanted for my
children. Thank you King's Town School!” (Erica House and Michael Fraser)

“Both our daughters started KTS in the Montessori class at the young age of 2.5 and have had wonderful
experiences. It takes just a few short weeks to notice a difference—independence, enhanced social and
cognitive development, and a love of school. The staff at KTS have been so supportive of our children and
carefully nurture their talents. When we arrive at school in the mornings, it is pure joy for my children – they
love being there and the hardest part of our day is convincing them to leave!” (Drs. Tandy and Stephen

“We moved our son to KTS after three years at our neighbourhood school - he needed more challenging
academics. Now both our children are at KTS and they are experiencing a wide range of opportunities like
band, music, specialized teachers and amazing preparation for high school. KTS was the right choice for
us!” (Sabena Islam)

“Our two kids are both in KTS and have benefited immensely. Small class size means they move through
the curriculum faster and can then spend more time enriching their education. The small school size
promotes socializing throughout all age groups. When I was growing up and in grade 5 I was terrified of
walking past the grade 7/8 area. Not the case at KTS. Our kids love their school! (Dr. Rachel and Rick

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