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Close-up of two KTS teachers and a student wearing KTS baseball caps, looking down



KTS is a small, inclusive, and caring community for students and parents. Our staff is a collaborative team of skilled educators who focus on student success in all areas and parents are actively engaged with their child’s learning.


All our programs are designed to give parents ample opportunities to communicate with teachers and the KTS administration. Parents have daily access to teachers and are kept informed of their child’s progress via a variety of communication tools (e.g., agendas, homebooks, ClassDojo app, GoogleClassroom, email, and telephone). An active parent community contributes to the community learning that characterizes KTS.


KTS also emphasizes leadership and civic awareness. Our students take part in a variety of programs and activities that promote engagement with both the local Kingston community and the broader global community. These include:


Community service

KTS students are active volunteers in the Kingston community, participating in events such as Science Rendezvous and the Kingston Kids Triathlon. Our students also frequently hold their own fundraisers in support of causes that are important to them.


School Events

Each year, our students participate in a variety of school events such as arts shows, speech night, KTS science and heritage fairs, movie nights, BBQs, and our winter café. These events build community and give students the opportunity to showcase their accomplishments.


Outdoor experiences

At KTS, we believe in using the great Canadian outdoors as a learning tool for students. These experiences range from attending overnight camps and taking field trips to eco-adventure parks, holding classes in our outdoor classroom, and impromptu lessons on water filtration that happen during a rainy recess.



KTS students develop character and build leadership skills as house team captains, reading buddies, lunch supervisors, and mentors.

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