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Application Process


The first step in the admissions process is to contact the school. We will then provide you with more information about the school, our programs, and our admissions/waitlist process. If our classes are at capacity, families will be invited to join our waitlist. Interested families are asked to complete a prospective student form. A copy of the forms are available using the links below:

Prospective Student Form (Grades 1-8)

Prospective Student Form (Kindergarten)

Prospective Student Form (Montessori)

For Montessori and Kindergarten students, please see also our Child Readiness Guidelines:

Child Readiness Guidelines (Kindergarten)

Child Readiness Guidelines (Montessori)

If a spot is available for your child, we are happy to arrange for you to visit the school and meet with the Principal, and/or teachers if you would like to do so. School visits are typically scheduled Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.


After submitting a prospective student form, and if there is room in the appropriate class, interested students are invited to visit the school. This visit could be for a morning, an afternoon, the whole day or just a few hours. Parents are not required to stay for this visit.  This visit gives students a chance to experience KTS to make sure that it is a school where they would be happy learning. 


Upon deciding to enroll your child at King's Town School, you will receive a registration package. The registration package contains a new student registration form, payment information, medical and excursion forms, the KTS Student and Parent Handbook, and other important information. Please complete and return the package to the KTS Main Office.

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