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The science program at King’s Town School encourages students to discover and care for the world in which they live through scientific exploration. Students are encouraged to grow as young scientists through hands-on activities and investigations. The program allows students to connect activities to everyday life and helps them to gain a scientific understanding of their world. In our primary and junior programs, students learn to follow the scientific method and apply this learning throughout their Intermediate years by designing and conducting meaningful experiments.

Throughout the KTS science program, students develop an understanding of how science relates to the environment and use their knowledge to generate ideas of how we can best care for our planet. Critical thinking is fostered as students learn to evaluate the validity of ideas and concepts in relation to science as it may apply to various populations within society. The program equips the students with the skills needed to be successful in secondary school and further on in their lives.


At KTS, student learning is enhanced through the use of technology. By making use of our laptop computer lab, teachers ensure that students are able to further their learning through discovery while developing their research skills. Student learning is also supported through the use of various software programs that allow them to create databases, charts, tables, essays, and stories. Students may also express their creativity through the production of slideshows, video and audio presentations, and website development.

In addition to the integration of technology into core subject teaching, students in grades one through eight also receive specialized classes in technology. This helps to ensure that our graduates are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in today’s technologically minded world.

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