Music and Visual Arts


The students of King’s Town School explore, discover and communicate the elements of music through a variety of experiences. Hands-on learning helps students expand their knowledge of the arts and gives them a creative outlet to express their voice. The music program develops each child’s voice, ear, and appreciation for a variety of genres and various cultures’ art. Each student is encouraged through creative engagement and expressive participation to make personal connections between the course content and their experiences. By making these connections, students are able to think independently and critically, and are able to communicate their ideas through musical expression.​

The music program at King’s Town School is structured to explore the elements of music and its contexts. Students in the primary grades focus on building a foundation in rhythm, pitch, and choral singing while creating and performing simple compositions. Junior and intermediate students further their knowledge of the elements of music and apply them to the instrumental program. Students in the grade 5 to 8 band read, interpret and perform written arrangements as a concert band as well as participate in student led trios and quartets. The music program also serves as enrichment to other subjects such as mathematics and the language arts program. There are multiple opportunities for the students of King’s Town School to give back to the local community through performance and to connect with their peers throughout the school.

Visual Arts

The Visual Art program at KTS focuses on developing artistic skills and ideas in an experiential and exploratory way. Students are encouraged to experiment, try new things, and learn together in our classroom community. The sketchbook is an important learning tool for all students. It is used for independent exploration, assignments, preparatory work for in-class projects, and notes on technique, art history, and terminology. Students are highly encouraged to make their sketchbook their own by using it for artistic exploration outside the classroom as well.


Students are first introduced to the Elements of Design, or “Art Blocks” (line, shape, colour, space, texture, value) in grade one, and their knowledge and understanding of how to use each element in their artwork builds each year. We explore these elements and how they interact using a wide variety of materials including acrylic and watercolour painting, printmaking, clay, cardboard structures, environmental art, mixed media projects, and many more. Student work is always on display in the student gallery outside the music room, as well as displayed for the public at the end of the year arts showcase

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