The Literacy Program at KTS aims to help students discover and explore their world by analyzing the written words of others. Students’ interest in reading is fostered by participating in an extensive independent reading program, which helps them to grow into voracious readers. Through the implementation of in-depth class studies, students learn to thoroughly examine and evaluate texts. The ability to search for the hidden meanings and literary devices employed by authors encourages students to become lifelong critical readers.

Students at King’s Town School are encouraged to express their creativity through their writing. In our primary grades, caring teachers support the individual needs of students and guide them through the foundations of writing. Junior and intermediate students are encouraged to develop and establish their own voice as writers. Building upon the skills established during their primary years, students delve into the writing process and are taught many different forms of writing. This empowers students to choose from numerous forms of writing to clearly and confidently express themselves in secondary school and beyond.

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