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The KTS educational experience is not confined to the classroom. KTS provides our studentswith a wide range of enrichment activities that includes field trips, school events, andparticipation in regional and national competitions. Our downtown location also allows us to takeadvantage of the multitude of amenities within walking distance: great outdoor spaces, publiclibraries, the Boiler Room climbing gym, Artillery Park, Springer Market Square, City Park, andQueen’s University galleries and museums.

The House System 


In September of 2009, KTS adopted traditional House Teams to encourage pride, respect, and personal responsibility among students. The four houses are: Green, Blue, Yellow, and Red. The house system builds team and leadership skills, promotes co-operation, gives students a sense of ownership, and creates healthy competition in friendly games and other extra-curricular activities. Students learn to win and lose and benefit from both experiences.


When a student joins KTS, they are assigned to a House and will remain in that House until they leave KTS. Students earn house points for particularly good pieces of work, high levels of effort, contribution to school life, helping others, participation in school clubs, and success in the arts and athletics. These points will all add up towards a cumulative House total and, at the end of the year, decide the outcome of the House Cup.

Field Trips


Throughout the year, students participate in a range of carefully curated field trips. These excursions foster academic learning (e.g., visits to local museums and Queen’s University), develop an appreciation for the arts (e.g., attending theatrical productions or the ballet), encourage outdoor adventures (e.g., visiting summer camps, outdoor ropes courses and ecoadventure, skating), and explore our local community (e.g., attending local cultural events).

Academic Competitions

Each year, our students participate in several academic competitions. These include the Kingston Regional Historical Fair, the Frontenac Lennox and Addington Science Fair, and the Royal Canadian Legion Public Speaking Contest. Students also participate in the University of Waterloo Beaver Computing Challenge and the Mathematica Centrum contests.

KTS traditionally does exceptionally well at these competitions—a testament to our strong curriculum and engaged students.

Sports, Teams, and Clubs

KTS participates in the Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board sporting events. These include cross-country, track and field, and other team sports such as soccer, basketball, and volleyball (depending on student interest). Students also enjoy a variety of KTS clubs including: mathematics, music, knitting, juggling, singing, and hockey pool. These clubs allow students to explore interests not typically covered in the classroom and provide a fun and engaging way for them to learn new skills and expand their hobbies.

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