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COVID-19 Information

All King's Town School programs are  currently operating in-person.  KTS is a mask-friendly community.


As we continue to work through the pandemic and return to a normal school routine, KTS has implemented several health and safety measures to mitigate against the spread of COVID-19 and other respiratory illness within our community. These include:


  • Medical grade HEPA air filtration/exchange units in all classrooms. In general, units will completely exchange the air in a room every 15 minutes.

  • Enhanced environmental cleaning. The school is cleaned daily by a COVID-19 certified professional cleaning company. In addition, students desks and eating areas are disinfected twice daily, and other high-tough surfaces are cleaned/disinfected as often as necessary throughout the day.

  • Emphasis on hand hygiene. KTS has a hand hygiene policy that is layered onto pre-existing school routines. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located at the entrance to all rooms within the school and many of our classrooms have hand-washing sinks within the room. At a minimum, hand hygiene is practiced prior to entering and exiting the building; prior to entering and exiting a classroom; before and after eating food; and before and after sports activity/outdoor play.

  • COVID-19 Vaccination. KTS strongly encourages all eligible members of our community to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and has in place a COVID-19 vaccination policy for all staff members.

Should the need arise, KTS also has a full COVID-19 safety plan that includes additional measures that could be implemented to further protect our community. 

Remote Learning

In the event that KTS needs to revert to remote learning, we will follow our online learning program. The online learning program is designed to provide all KTS students with the best possible remote education.  Please refer to our remote learning plan for more information.



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